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E³UDRES² awareness campaign about what an I Living Lab consists

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The campaign addresses the target audience in an informative way, always telling something that I Living Lab conveys and/or provides. The key elements are the skeleton and the shot, the skeleton symbolizes a person before the I Living lab and the shot we use not only to transmit a younger communication, using the language of our target audience, but also symbolizes everything that we are going to acquire with the I Living Lab.


The campaign is aimed at the target audience as a way of making known what is possible to find when participating in this challenge (I Living Lab), one of the basic elements that refers to this are the words that we find throughout the campaign, are the adjectives that we find ourselves connected to I Living Lab and that by participating we also gain these internal and external skills.


With our campaign, we want to communicate a specific, unique and differentiating characteristic/advantage of the "I Living Lab" activity. The characteristic that is communicated in our campaign is the challenging nature of this activity, hence the word "challenge" and "challenge yourself" are very present throughout our campaign. The goal is to show college students that by participating in the I Living Lab they can challenge themselves to stimulate skills and competencies that they might not gain otherwise.

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E³UDRES² is positioned as a unique and highly valued university in Europe and adopts a positioning strategy of attribute differentiation. The campaign is accompanied with the set of words (creativity, future, spirit and teamwork, diversity, dynamism, among others) that are directed to the attributes that the I Living Lab has to offer. In other words, by participating in an I Living Lab we benefit from the skills/capabilities it offers us, and we can stimulate our internal/external capabilities and also gain others.


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The whole campaign was designed with the goal of persuading college students to participate in the I Living Lab. The campaign implies that they are missing something and tries to encourage them to find that "piece" by participating in this activity. Thus, the campaign respects the adopted promise, as it is intended to help stimulate, and also gain, skills such as team spirit and teamwork, dynamism, creativity, and the ability to face future challenges.


Instagram Post Ad 2

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Since the specific advertising objectives are to increase the number of students in an I Living Lab and to increase the notoriety of the activity, the campaign fits them because it captivates the attention of the target audience (skeleton) and mentions skills/characteristics that they will acquire by participating (like living in a more dynamic, creative world, etc) and that are really important. Another positive factor in the campaign is that it emphasizes the challenging nature of the I Living Lab, something that is very appreciated among young people.


Instagram Video

The Instagram video is practically informative, as our campaign is informative. However, we wanted to convey something young, because our target audience is essentially students. The strategy we decided to use, to convey this joviality, was comedy, hence we have a bare bones video of the before and after with the use of a soundtrack in order to make the video more humorous and more appealing.


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